Sunday Vibes

Happy Sunday everyone! Better yet, Happy Easter! Now the past couple of days have been a bit rough when it comes to my emotional state of mind, but today I woke up feeling extremely happy. Now I am not quite sure why this sudden cleanse of negative thoughts has taken place but I am totally not complaining. I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked to have gotten last night, but that is because I spent the evening adventuring up at waterfalls in the pitch dark and let me tell you something…I didn’t know how scared of water I was when I can’t really see it until last night. It probably didn’t help that I was in the woods and we all know what happens in  the woods in scary movies, YIKES! Fast forward to about eleven o’clock this afternoon and you’ll learn that I spent about an hour of my day speaking to the greatest woman on this earth, my friend Krystal! We talked about how her co-worker has this crazy stutter, but has this mega hot Italian boyfriend and it just doesn’t make any sense. Before you say we are horrible people for making fun of someone with a stutter, just know that we all aren’t perfect and even I stutter at times and I don’t actually have one. Her and I plan on getting a place together soon and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t really know how to explain today, but it has been amazing so far. Despite any negative comments or thoughts anyone has about me I know deep down that I am a wonderful human being and sometimes I may do shitty things to people, but at the end of the day they sometimes deserve it. Point is, I love myself and I don’t need anyone else to love me.

At this time in my life I have nothing mean to say about anyone. I have no reason to bash on or hate anyone for anything. I am thankful for everyone I have in my life and I am so proud of the person I have become over the years. I hope you all are having a great Sunday, enjoying Easter, and most importantly I hope you know that you’re beautiful no matter what anyone says.



My Daily Skin Routine!

Whether you are a male or a female you have your own routine when it comes to taking care of your skin. Back in High School I was probably the hideous kid that everyone made fun of because my skin was horrible and covered in acne. Now being covered in acne isn’t ideal for anyone, but our body creates these so called monsters and there isn’t anything we can really do about it besides take better care of our skin. Over the years my skin has progressively gotten better and I couldn’t be happier about it, but I still have my days where I want to rip my face off because a huge blemish decided to pop up on my pretty little face overnight. I have tried everything when it comes to face wash, acne pills, certain moisturizers and everything I have tried makes me break out worse than I did before. Now thank God I have some amazing friends and there are amazing beauty gurus out there that gave me input because these two products I am going to MAKE YOU GO BUY are amazing. Did you see how many times I just said amazing? AMAZING! Anyway, the first product is used often by mechanics and you are probably thinking that it doesn’t sound like something you should use on your face, but you’re wrong.

41WFz+G4vEL._AC_UL320_SR192,320_Boraxo is a powdered hand soap used to get the dirt and grime off your hands no matter what you get on them. Now how I discovered this product was through a friend. He mentioned that his mom’s dermatologist actually recommended it to her. I don’t know about any of you, but I have super oily skin when it comes to my face and this product dries my face out just enough to keep the oil away. After using this product for a month the decrease in blemishes made me realize that I have in fact found exactly what I have been looking for. However, I noticed that it dries your face out so much that you have to have a damn good moisturizer to hydrate your skin and give it that normal, non lizard look.

s789727-main-LheroClinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is the greatest moisturizer I have used to date. The reason I love this product so much is because it is an oil-free moisturizer and like I mentioned before I want products that aren’t going to make my already sometimes oily face any worse. Using Boraxo and then immediately applying this moisturizer has worked so well for me that I will never go back to using anything else. One good thing about this moisturizer is that unlike most it doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy, sticky, or with a weird chemical smell.

Now if you are worried about spending too much money on products that you think may not work for you I highly suggest these two products as they are very inexpensive. Boraxo can be bought in most stores at about $3 a can and Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel can usually be found in Ulta or Sephora for about $15 and that is the price for their travel size which last me about 2 months and I use it every day.

With that being said, go purchase these products and let me know what you think!


Bitter or Sweet?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the way I act towards others. Some days I come off as the sweetest human being to ever grace this earth, but then some days I am none other than Satan himself. Recently I moved back to my home town after living in California for two years and I truly believe that it has affected me in a negative way. I don’t want anyone to think that moving back didn’t have its perks, but it most certainly had its flaws as well. Now I can’t blame moving back to my home town has an excuse as to why I am being such a bitch, but I can say it does have a slight part in it. While living in California I felt the happiest I had ever been before despite certain situations I had gotten myself into. I discovered a lot about myself while residing down there. I experienced responsibility, love, heartbreak, self-worth, the law, and what it is like to actually work for the things you desire. I feel like leaving California kind of made me leave all of what I had learned behind only to return to the person I was before I moved there. My home town makes me miserable. I mean I do love my friends, my family, my wonderful boyfriend, and being in the city, but I just feel as if I don’t fit in here. My personality is too big. In California I was always smiling, I was always ready to take on the day, and most importantly I didn’t let anything get in my way of reaching my goals.

Justin, my first boyfriend in California actually taught me a lot about being a positive person. When I first moved down there I had such a negative attitude and he showed me a new way of life, he showed me “The Secret.” Now this documentary isn’t for everyone and not everyone is going to believe in it, but I did and I still do. Without him introducing that to me I believe that I wouldn’t have looked at life in a positive way, I would have just continued to be a raging bitch. I appreciate him everyday for sharing with me something that I never knew I needed. Anytime I was having a negative thought I would immediately think of something positive and tell myself that everything will be okay or that whatever the negative outcome could be that it will never happen. With that being said, Justin isn’t the only person who taught me a lot about myself and I could ramble on forever about every individual that helped me better understand things, but I think I will spare  you all the details.

I truly believe that the past month and a half has been such an emotional roller coaster for me because I have simply lost touch with who I am and how important it is to be positive. My decrease in happiness has been so unbearable for anyone who surrounds themselves with me and it makes me so upset to see that. I don’t like being the guy that ruins everyone’s mood or the guy that everyone talks shit about when not in the room. I have noticed that I need to actually work on becoming a sweeter person again and not being so bitter. I need to realize that not everything in my life is so negative and that I actually have some of the most amazing things happening for me in this current stage of my life. The one thing I wish that some of the most important people in my life would understand is that I am nowhere near perfect. I want them to be able to understand that I am not a negative person at all, I just lost touch of the person I was before I moved back home. Being able to eliminate negative thoughts and only thinking positively isn’t easy for anyone to do. I know that it took me awhile to get into the habit of doing it, but once I started it only made my life that much better. Some of you reading this may think this whole post is just a huge ramble and maybe it is, but at the end of the day it is helping me release some built up thoughts I have had over the past month and a half and being able to talk about it makes me feel a whole hell of a lot better.  Starting today I will be working on being that person I was in California and not letting the old me get in the way because I don’t want anything to effect the happiness I have between myself and my world.

Butts X Britney Spears

BBBeing a gay man means there are two things that I love more than anything in this world…

condoms and poppers.

I’m totally kidding. If anyone knows me they would know that my two favorite things happen to be in the name of this post, Butts and Britney Spears. Now I know that some of you heterosexual folks might think that having an obsession with butts and or Britney Spears is a little gay but in case you have forgotten you should probably read the first the sentence of this post again. Recently I made two purchases that relate to both of which I am so obsessed with. First, V Magazine’s 100th issue. Out of all the celebrities they could have chosen to grace this once in a lifetime cover they chose the legend herself, Britney. The photoshoot that was shot by photographer Mario Testino is seriously the most flawless photoshoot that the pop princess has blessed us with in a while. Not only is she giving us sexy, leather, contour, and queen, but she is also giving us a muscular guy whom we wish would manhandle us the way he manhandled her. I am so thankful that this world has such a talented, down to earth, beautiful pop star because without her and her music I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through some of the tough times in my life. She has inspired me so much to not care what others think, to be yourself, serve face, and most importantly never give up. Thank you, Britney.

Now being gay means you have to make sure you are finding men with the best butts because if you don’t, well you don’t really have anything to rest your head on at night. The second purchase that I bought recently is a mini beau book by the amazing photographer Luke Austin. The title of the mini beau book is “Butts.” I originally bought this book because I love butts and could stare at them all day, but I also bought it because I want my house guests to be able to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee while staring at some ass. I mean let’s be real, we can’t all enjoy some real like ass action but at least a book full of them will help others get their rocks off while the rest of us enjoy the real thing. God being gay is the greatest thing known to man because man butts are the greatest thing on this planet and I want them all. I’m totally kidding. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t take that too seriously. Oops.

To wrap things up I highly suggest that you order yourself a copy of both products and transform yourself into a butt loving, Britney Spears fanatic like myself.



Whats on my playlist?

Do you ever turn your music on shuffle and just think “Wow! What is this horrible song that magically appeared in my iTunes?” Well if you do I am right there with you. Music is growing everyday and the sounds are becoming more and more bizarre but all in all we still listen to whatever is on the radio and or what someone suggests to us. Usually when I am in the same vicinity as someone and they ask me to play music and be their personal DJ I get so excited and scream “OMG, they want me to be the Calvin Harris to their Taylor Swift.” As much as I wish I looked like Calvin Harris nobody can top that hot piece of man. Anyway, back to the music aspect of things. I decided that I would share with you guys what I have on my playlist.

  1. Troye Sivan: Blue Neighbourhood. This album is completely fantastic. I shit you not I probably listen to this album about 11 times a week. Now I know that most of you probably won’t listen to the whole album, but there is no song that is better than the rest so unfortunately you better put your headphones in and start dancing to the beat because once you start you won’t stop.
  2. Adore Delano: After Party. Some of you may know who Adore is, but if you don’t well you should probably google her and fall in love like I did. I have to admit that her first album had songs that should have been on this album and vice versa, but overall it had a very energetic, Katy Perry type of vibe to it.
  3. The Knocks: 55. OKAY! I don’t know where they came from or who they are, but I am so glad I discovered them. This album has such a mix of music on it. It goes from reggae, to pop, to electronic and I am so here for it. It features artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Phoebe Ryan, and Wyclef Jean. I highly suggest you check them out as soon as you get a chance because you won’t regret it.
  4. Carly Rae Jepsen: Emotion. Now I know that you are probably thinking, “Isn’t that the girl who sings Call me maybe?” Well she is, but she is so much more than that. We can all admit that Call me maybe was a hit, but Carly’s sophomore album beats out that song entirely. Song after song you find yourself dancing around and singing along to the 80’s type of pop songs that she has created. I had the opportunity to attend her Gimmie Love Tour and it was the best experience of my entire life. She is so filled with joy and talent that the whole time you feel like you are in the most magical world with her when in reality you are surrounded by sweaty teenage girls and screaming gay men shouting every word to every song. This album is a definite must add for your playlist.

The hard part about music is that you have to be able to create something that most people will like and majority of the time not everyone does. The good thing is that no matter what pop star, rock star, edm artist, or country singer you pay attention to the most, there are others out there that have just the same amount of fans as the ones who get spots on the radio. Music is supposed to be about bringing people joy and I hope that my suggestions bring you as much joy as they bring me.

Touché LA X Morgan Stewart Collection

One of the most fabulous people in the world is getting ready to drop her athletic clothing line for women on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. Morgan Stewart is from the hit E! Show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and she is also the author of the blog “Boobs&Loubs.” As mentioned in my first post, there are two bloggers that inspired me to create my own and she was one of them. The line is going to be released as a collaboration with Touché L.A and there will be a two-day pre sale starting Monday March 21st, 2016. It will also be on sale later this Spring and into Summer at Revolve.

Based on these pictures below I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the hottest collections of the season.

Now unfortunately the line doesn’t include any products for men, but she did mention to me on twitter “I’m Sorry! Next Time!” I am hoping that means she plans on continuing her line and adding products for men sometime in the future. From the looks of things it looks like she may have a few jacket options in the line which I will definitely be purchasing so I hope that there may be a size that fits me.

Make sure you check out the collections pre sale on Monday at, tune in to watch the season 4 premiere of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” April 17th at 10pm, and make sure you follow Morgan Stewarts’s blog at



The start of something new.

First things first,  welcome to my blog! In case you didn’t catch on not only was the title of this post a reference to the movie High School Musical, but it was also a reference to me in fact actually starting something new. Over the past few months I have slowly caught myself completely lost in blogs which I never thought I would be interested in. However, out of the million blogs I have followed there are two that have inspired me to create my own. Now I know that blogging is something that you have to be completely dedicated to doing and at first I was a little hesitant about creating one, but it was soon after my boyfriend had mentioned that I need a hobby that I decided it was time to hop off his dick and do just that.

So here I am blog and all, right? Well unfortunately my follower count isn’t as high as my credit card limit, but that’s what happens when you start something new. I am hoping to share with you all the adventures that take place in my everyday life, some of my so-called fashion tips, my favorite beauty products, some of my pop culture obsession and whatever other bullshit I can think to write about. I originally thought about incorporating some of the amazing food that I try into this blog but then I found myself ordering chicken nuggets in the McDonald’s drive thru and decided that nobody cares to hear about that.

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully keep myself busy, but most importantly it is to hopefully make others laugh throughout their day, experiment with fashion, try new products, and hopefully start a blog of their own.

Welcome to Kevin Lately.