Britney Spears.

A Legend.

Glory is her newest album which was released in August of 2016. It has been over three years since we have gotten anything to make us step away from the Britney Jean era which was a complete nightmare. Make Me…(feat. G-Eazy) was the first single released from the new album and to keep it simple and sweet, it wasn’t the strongest track to choose to promote what Glory and all of its greatness is. She released two other songs to promote the album before it’s release, Clumsy and Do You Wanna Come Over?. While one was a complete club banger the other was a sex anthem designed to what better way to say it…get you laid.

While Britney and her team were making us wait anxiously for the next single, little did the Britney Army know that Tinashe, whom is the biggest Britney fan ever, was recording britney_2the second verse in the song Slumber Party to be featured on a remix. Holy shit I never
thought I would want to be straight again. The remix and music video for Slumber Party is the best work Britney has done in a while. The vocals, choreography and videography is everything a legend’s video should be and more. Don’t let me forget to mention that Britney and Tinashe are giving us major girl-on-girl action. Can someone say boner?

Glory is hands down one of the best Britney albums to ever be released. You can tell that she had spent so much time planning and recording in order to make sure the album was perfection. One thing I love is that she admitted to listening to her fans and making sure that they are getting everything they want in an album from her as well. Glory has a total of 17 tracks, 18 if you include Mood Ring which was produced by DJ Mustard but was only added onto the Japanese Deluxe Version. The only comment I have to make about that is how her team made the shittiest decision not including that song on the American version as well, but we can’t always get what we want. Britney really proved how much she has matured as a woman, vocally and as an entertainer. I couldn’t be more proud.

Make sure that you buy the Bible that is Glory below:

If you listen to it make sure you leave your opinions below. Thanks for reading!



Strong Looks Better Naked.

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday thus far. I actually just wanted to log on and write about a book that I just finished reading. I typically don’t find myself reading that often as I don’t have much time, but when I do I find it very therapeutic. The book that I just finished and I would highly recommend is called, “Strong Looks Better Naked” by Khloe Kardashian. Now I know that most people can’t stand the Kardashian family and that others absolutely love them, but who are we to judge? They are human just like the rest of us and they chose to build an empire and brand themselves. Personally I love the Kardashians and my absolute favorite one is Khloe which is why I was so stoked when I found out she was releasing a book.

strong-looks-better-naked-9781942872481_hr“Strong Looks Better Naked” is about her journey in the fitness world, some hardships she has overcome in her life, as well as what pushed her to become the strong minded individual that she is today. The overall concept of this book is an excellent one. The whole thing is filled with such positive energy and motivation material that you truly find yourself questioning whether or not you are doing what you want in life to be happy. I used to be a very negative person and I am constantly reflecting on my body image and saying how I could look better and in the book Khloe herself mentions the following:

“There is no such thing as perfect. Nobody attains perfection. But if you keep working at it, you grow and evolve, and to me that’s sort of the point: to be a better person today than I was yesterday; to become the best possible version of myself.” – Khloe Kardashian

This specific quote hits home because she is absolutely right. Nobody is perfect and nobody ever will be. Of course everyone has their mindset of what perfect is, and who is and who isn’t, but you need to be able to create the perfect you want to be and not let society, love, social media, or any of that destroy you. Life is about bettering yourself and making sure that you are living the way you want to and defining perfect your own way. Within the book she does also talk about some relationship advice and how sometimes the person you love doesn’t love you back and that is okay because someday you will find the one. She is right about that as well. Relationships are tough and you can’t beat yourself over something that didn’t work the way you wanted it to. Be patient.

strong-looks-better-naked-9781942872481.in03Overall, the book is very uplifting. I found myself thinking about how I want to thrive to be a better me. It showed me that no matter what I am creating my own happiness and that I can’t live my life based off of what others think. If someone isn’t happy with what you’re doing then that is the monster they have created within themselves. They are upset that you are living life the way you would like and they aren’t doing the same. Don’t ever let anyone try and take your happiness away. Smile, work hard, thrive to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best version of yourself you can be.

If you want to purchase the book and learn about some of the everyday health routines, recipes, and how to push out the negativity, click the link below:


The Joyride World Tour

All Hands On Deck? More like all hands snatched my weave. Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend the “Joyride World Tour.” Not only was I front row, but I also met the star herself, Tinashe. Now I have NEVER seen a performance like I did on Thursday night. The lights, the smoke, the screaming, the vocals, the dancing, the everything was fucking outstanding. I arrived at the Crystal Ballroom and waited in line for what seemed like days, but in reality it was only hours. As I got let in I was so nervous because I mean it isn’t everyday that you just get to meet a celebrity and take a picture with them. I walked up to the third floor where I got led to a back room where Tinashe was waiting ever so gracefully. My first reaction was, “Wow! She is so much shorter than I imagined.” When it was finally my turn to take a picture with her I couldn’t control myself. She gave me hug and asked me how I was doing, and we posed. She thanked me for coming to the show and said that she hopes I enjoy it. Tinashe 4.jpgNow everyone’s first instinct when taking a photo is to see how they look. Well as I glanced at the photo of Tinashe and I, I couldn’t help but notice how flawless she is compared to me. Now I wasn’t too happy with my photo at first because I am just very critical about myself, but now I love it. After the meet and greet I stood back in line to wait for the doors to open and the show to start. My boyfriend, our friend Brittany and I ran up to stage where we stood front and center waiting for something so good that we didn’t even know was going to happen to happen. Blackbear was the opening act and to be honest I had no fucking idea who he even was. As he sang some of the songs I realized that he actually has some talent and his sound is something that I could see myself listening to. Once Blackbear finished they had a set change and thats when it happened.


The intro to the concert was a short film which featured Tinashe, the desert, a motorcycle and a warning mentioning that once the Joyride starts there is no going back.

Ride of Your Life was the opening song and oh my God was I blown away. I have never seen a performer dance and sing at the same time and not sound out of breath. Like I mentioned before, the visuals, the dancing, the vocals, the everything was amazing. One awesome thing I enjoyed about this concert was that not only was she interactive with her fans and smiling at them as they sang the words, but her back up dancers also were very interactive as well. I met eye contact and smiled back and forth with Tinashe and her back up dancers on numerous occasions and that made the concert feel that much more special. I felt as if I was getting my own personal show. Tinashe performed some of her old stuff as well as some new stuff that has yet to be released. Every single outfit change was better than the first and I am pretty sure I left that concert no longer a gay man. Just kidding, I love dick too much.


I want to thank my boyfriend for surprising with these tickets for my birthday and I also want to thank him for going with me even though the ONLY song he knew was “2 On.”

I highly recommend attending the Joyride World Tour if you have a chance and if you already missed her being in a city near you, well you definitely missed out.


You can preview and purchase her music here:



Butts X Britney Spears

BBBeing a gay man means there are two things that I love more than anything in this world…

condoms and poppers.

I’m totally kidding. If anyone knows me they would know that my two favorite things happen to be in the name of this post, Butts and Britney Spears. Now I know that some of you heterosexual folks might think that having an obsession with butts and or Britney Spears is a little gay but in case you have forgotten you should probably read the first the sentence of this post again. Recently I made two purchases that relate to both of which I am so obsessed with. First, V Magazine’s 100th issue. Out of all the celebrities they could have chosen to grace this once in a lifetime cover they chose the legend herself, Britney. The photoshoot that was shot by photographer Mario Testino is seriously the most flawless photoshoot that the pop princess has blessed us with in a while. Not only is she giving us sexy, leather, contour, and queen, but she is also giving us a muscular guy whom we wish would manhandle us the way he manhandled her. I am so thankful that this world has such a talented, down to earth, beautiful pop star because without her and her music I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through some of the tough times in my life. She has inspired me so much to not care what others think, to be yourself, serve face, and most importantly never give up. Thank you, Britney.

Now being gay means you have to make sure you are finding men with the best butts because if you don’t, well you don’t really have anything to rest your head on at night. The second purchase that I bought recently is a mini beau book by the amazing photographer Luke Austin. The title of the mini beau book is “Butts.” I originally bought this book because I love butts and could stare at them all day, but I also bought it because I want my house guests to be able to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee while staring at some ass. I mean let’s be real, we can’t all enjoy some real like ass action but at least a book full of them will help others get their rocks off while the rest of us enjoy the real thing. God being gay is the greatest thing known to man because man butts are the greatest thing on this planet and I want them all. I’m totally kidding. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t take that too seriously. Oops.

To wrap things up I highly suggest that you order yourself a copy of both products and transform yourself into a butt loving, Britney Spears fanatic like myself.



Whats on my playlist?

Do you ever turn your music on shuffle and just think “Wow! What is this horrible song that magically appeared in my iTunes?” Well if you do I am right there with you. Music is growing everyday and the sounds are becoming more and more bizarre but all in all we still listen to whatever is on the radio and or what someone suggests to us. Usually when I am in the same vicinity as someone and they ask me to play music and be their personal DJ I get so excited and scream “OMG, they want me to be the Calvin Harris to their Taylor Swift.” As much as I wish I looked like Calvin Harris nobody can top that hot piece of man. Anyway, back to the music aspect of things. I decided that I would share with you guys what I have on my playlist.

  1. Troye Sivan: Blue Neighbourhood. This album is completely fantastic. I shit you not I probably listen to this album about 11 times a week. Now I know that most of you probably won’t listen to the whole album, but there is no song that is better than the rest so unfortunately you better put your headphones in and start dancing to the beat because once you start you won’t stop.
  2. Adore Delano: After Party. Some of you may know who Adore is, but if you don’t well you should probably google her and fall in love like I did. I have to admit that her first album had songs that should have been on this album and vice versa, but overall it had a very energetic, Katy Perry type of vibe to it.
  3. The Knocks: 55. OKAY! I don’t know where they came from or who they are, but I am so glad I discovered them. This album has such a mix of music on it. It goes from reggae, to pop, to electronic and I am so here for it. It features artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Phoebe Ryan, and Wyclef Jean. I highly suggest you check them out as soon as you get a chance because you won’t regret it.
  4. Carly Rae Jepsen: Emotion. Now I know that you are probably thinking, “Isn’t that the girl who sings Call me maybe?” Well she is, but she is so much more than that. We can all admit that Call me maybe was a hit, but Carly’s sophomore album beats out that song entirely. Song after song you find yourself dancing around and singing along to the 80’s type of pop songs that she has created. I had the opportunity to attend her Gimmie Love Tour and it was the best experience of my entire life. She is so filled with joy and talent that the whole time you feel like you are in the most magical world with her when in reality you are surrounded by sweaty teenage girls and screaming gay men shouting every word to every song. This album is a definite must add for your playlist.

The hard part about music is that you have to be able to create something that most people will like and majority of the time not everyone does. The good thing is that no matter what pop star, rock star, edm artist, or country singer you pay attention to the most, there are others out there that have just the same amount of fans as the ones who get spots on the radio. Music is supposed to be about bringing people joy and I hope that my suggestions bring you as much joy as they bring me.