Britney Spears.

A Legend.

Glory is her newest album which was released in August of 2016. It has been over three years since we have gotten anything to make us step away from the Britney Jean era which was a complete nightmare. Make Me…(feat. G-Eazy) was the first single released from the new album and to keep it simple and sweet, it wasn’t the strongest track to choose to promote what Glory and all of its greatness is. She released two other songs to promote the album before it’s release, Clumsy and Do You Wanna Come Over?. While one was a complete club banger the other was a sex anthem designed to what better way to say it…get you laid.

While Britney and her team were making us wait anxiously for the next single, little did the Britney Army know that Tinashe, whom is the biggest Britney fan ever, was recording britney_2the second verse in the song Slumber Party to be featured on a remix. Holy shit I never
thought I would want to be straight again. The remix and music video for Slumber Party is the best work Britney has done in a while. The vocals, choreography and videography is everything a legend’s video should be and more. Don’t let me forget to mention that Britney and Tinashe are giving us major girl-on-girl action. Can someone say boner?

Glory is hands down one of the best Britney albums to ever be released. You can tell that she had spent so much time planning and recording in order to make sure the album was perfection. One thing I love is that she admitted to listening to her fans and making sure that they are getting everything they want in an album from her as well. Glory has a total of 17 tracks, 18 if you include Mood Ring which was produced by DJ Mustard but was only added onto the Japanese Deluxe Version. The only comment I have to make about that is how her team made the shittiest decision not including that song on the American version as well, but we can’t always get what we want. Britney really proved how much she has matured as a woman, vocally and as an entertainer. I couldn’t be more proud.

Make sure that you buy the Bible that is Glory below:

If you listen to it make sure you leave your opinions below. Thanks for reading!



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