The Joyride World Tour

All Hands On Deck? More like all hands snatched my weave. Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend the “Joyride World Tour.” Not only was I front row, but I also met the star herself, Tinashe. Now I have NEVER seen a performance like I did on Thursday night. The lights, the smoke, the screaming, the vocals, the dancing, the everything was fucking outstanding. I arrived at the Crystal Ballroom and waited in line for what seemed like days, but in reality it was only hours. As I got let in I was so nervous because I mean it isn’t everyday that you just get to meet a celebrity and take a picture with them. I walked up to the third floor where I got led to a back room where Tinashe was waiting ever so gracefully. My first reaction was, “Wow! She is so much shorter than I imagined.” When it was finally my turn to take a picture with her I couldn’t control myself. She gave me hug and asked me how I was doing, and we posed. She thanked me for coming to the show and said that she hopes I enjoy it. Tinashe 4.jpgNow everyone’s first instinct when taking a photo is to see how they look. Well as I glanced at the photo of Tinashe and I, I couldn’t help but notice how flawless she is compared to me. Now I wasn’t too happy with my photo at first because I am just very critical about myself, but now I love it. After the meet and greet I stood back in line to wait for the doors to open and the show to start. My boyfriend, our friend Brittany and I ran up to stage where we stood front and center waiting for something so good that we didn’t even know was going to happen to happen. Blackbear was the opening act and to be honest I had no fucking idea who he even was. As he sang some of the songs I realized that he actually has some talent and his sound is something that I could see myself listening to. Once Blackbear finished they had a set change and thats when it happened.


The intro to the concert was a short film which featured Tinashe, the desert, a motorcycle and a warning mentioning that once the Joyride starts there is no going back.

Ride of Your Life was the opening song and oh my God was I blown away. I have never seen a performer dance and sing at the same time and not sound out of breath. Like I mentioned before, the visuals, the dancing, the vocals, the everything was amazing. One awesome thing I enjoyed about this concert was that not only was she interactive with her fans and smiling at them as they sang the words, but her back up dancers also were very interactive as well. I met eye contact and smiled back and forth with Tinashe and her back up dancers on numerous occasions and that made the concert feel that much more special. I felt as if I was getting my own personal show. Tinashe performed some of her old stuff as well as some new stuff that has yet to be released. Every single outfit change was better than the first and I am pretty sure I left that concert no longer a gay man. Just kidding, I love dick too much.


I want to thank my boyfriend for surprising with these tickets for my birthday and I also want to thank him for going with me even though the ONLY song he knew was “2 On.”

I highly recommend attending the Joyride World Tour if you have a chance and if you already missed her being in a city near you, well you definitely missed out.


You can preview and purchase her music here:




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