H&M x Coachella

Coachella season is here and everyone knows what that means…festival looks. Over the weekend I bought two new things to add to my wardrobe. The first thing I bought is definitely something that can be worn at Coachella considering it came from the H&M x Coachella Collaboration. Now I have been searching for almost a year and a half for the perfect pair of overalls but nothing seemed to come available that I honestly liked nor needed. I was out shopping around one day and I had seen a pair of overalls for guys that caught my attention. For some reason I didn’t try them on and two weeks later I found myself wondering where I had saw them. While I was out and about shopping because that is all my life consists of, a worker at H&M informed me that they would be getting overalls in for their Coachella line and that they would be light wash, distressed, and shorts.

I orgasmed.

I waited around for two weeks like the worker said and once the line was released I logged onto H&M’s website only to find that there was no overalls to be found. I called customer service and they informed me that they had some but for some reason they didn’t advertise them. I called around to different H&M’s in my area and only one store had a pair left and they were a size Large. Now I don’t work well with Large, but I needed them. As I arrived to the store I tried the pair of overalls on and they were too big. I decided to walk around the store and glance at the other Coachella stuff they had created and as I walked past a mannequin I noticed that it had a pair of the overalls on. I looked at the size anOverallsd guess what? IT WAS A MEDIUM! THE LAST MEDIUM! Now I have worked retail so I know how much the fucking workers hate taking things off the mannequin’s, but guess what, I don’t give a fuck. I purchased the overalls and look at how beautiful they are. Majority of you are probably thinking, “Why would you wear overalls? This isn’t the 90’s.” Well bitches, overalls are in style. Especially for festivals. Deciding what to wear with these can be a bit of a challenge so let me give you an idea. These overalls can be worn with ANY color of shirt you choose to wear them with. I chose black because I have no soul and also because black makes you look skinny. I then decided to wrap a black and red flannel around my waist. When wearing these make sure that you don’t wear both the straps in front buttoned as you may look like a complete toddler. You want to make sure you have one unbuttoned. When it came time to pick out shoes to go with this ensemble I decided to go with black vans as it matched the shirt and the flannel. I know not everyone is going to be wanting to rock overalls so that is why I decided to pick up a second item over the weekend.

Drum roll please……hmprod

White skinny jeans! Everyone who knows me knows that I can not wear white so deciding to buy these jeans were such a struggle. The thing about white skinny jeans that scares me is that I may sit in something or spill something on myself. Now luckily I am not a lady and I don’t have to worry about lady nature happening because lord knows that would be a nightmare. With that being said, lets discuss how you could style these. Personally I would rock these with a light baby blue turtle neck sweater with some baby blue vans or maybe even white vans. Another way I would style these pants is with a black band like t-shirt and maybe some combat boots and a flannel. White pants are so versatile when it comes to either being grunge, preppy, hipster, beachy, whatever the style and that is something that made me really want to buy them. I know that there is a risk of sitting in bubblegum or chocolate ice cream or simply dropping honey mustard on myself while shoving chicken nuggets in my mouth, but I personally believe that anyone and everyone should own a pair of white pants. If you don’t own a pair, go purchase some!

Both of these products could easily be worn out to a number of events. If you want to know where I purchased both items well that is easy, H&M! Now I wasn’t entirely impressed with their collaboration with Coachella but hey, there is always next year.

I truly wish that I was attending Coachella this year as I love everything about festivals, but unfortunately I am not. However, I will be doing a review after Coachella to give you a guys an update on what I thought of this years fashion choices at the festival.

Stay tuned!



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