Butts X Britney Spears

BBBeing a gay man means there are two things that I love more than anything in this world…

condoms and poppers.

I’m totally kidding. If anyone knows me they would know that my two favorite things happen to be in the name of this post, Butts and Britney Spears. Now I know that some of you heterosexual folks might think that having an obsession with butts and or Britney Spears is a little gay but in case you have forgotten you should probably read the first the sentence of this post again. Recently I made two purchases that relate to both of which I am so obsessed with. First, V Magazine’s 100th issue. Out of all the celebrities they could have chosen to grace this once in a lifetime cover they chose the legend herself, Britney. The photoshoot that was shot by photographer Mario Testino is seriously the most flawless photoshoot that the pop princess has blessed us with in a while. Not only is she giving us sexy, leather, contour, and queen, but she is also giving us a muscular guy whom we wish would manhandle us the way he manhandled her. I am so thankful that this world has such a talented, down to earth, beautiful pop star because without her and her music I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through some of the tough times in my life. She has inspired me so much to not care what others think, to be yourself, serve face, and most importantly never give up. Thank you, Britney.

Now being gay means you have to make sure you are finding men with the best butts because if you don’t, well you don’t really have anything to rest your head on at night. The second purchase that I bought recently is a mini beau book by the amazing photographer Luke Austin. The title of the mini beau book is “Butts.” I originally bought this book because I love butts and could stare at them all day, but I also bought it because I want my house guests to be able to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee while staring at some ass. I mean let’s be real, we can’t all enjoy some real like ass action but at least a book full of them will help others get their rocks off while the rest of us enjoy the real thing. God being gay is the greatest thing known to man because man butts are the greatest thing on this planet and I want them all. I’m totally kidding. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t take that too seriously. Oops.

To wrap things up I highly suggest that you order yourself a copy of both products and transform yourself into a butt loving, Britney Spears fanatic like myself.




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