The start of something new.

First things first,  welcome to my blog! In case you didn’t catch on not only was the title of this post a reference to the movie High School Musical, but it was also a reference to me in fact actually starting something new. Over the past few months I have slowly caught myself completely lost in blogs which I never thought I would be interested in. However, out of the million blogs I have followed there are two that have inspired me to create my own. Now I know that blogging is something that you have to be completely dedicated to doing and at first I was a little hesitant about creating one, but it was soon after my boyfriend had mentioned that I need a hobby that I decided it was time to hop off his dick and do just that.

So here I am blog and all, right? Well unfortunately my follower count isn’t as high as my credit card limit, but that’s what happens when you start something new. I am hoping to share with you all the adventures that take place in my everyday life, some of my so-called fashion tips, my favorite beauty products, some of my pop culture obsession and whatever other bullshit I can think to write about. I originally thought about incorporating some of the amazing food that I try into this blog but then I found myself ordering chicken nuggets in the McDonald’s drive thru and decided that nobody cares to hear about that.

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully keep myself busy, but most importantly it is to hopefully make others laugh throughout their day, experiment with fashion, try new products, and hopefully start a blog of their own.

Welcome to Kevin Lately.


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