Blog 2.0

How ridiculous am I? This is my one hundredth attempt at trying to create a blog and actually keep up with something other than the Kardashians. I am no professional blogger and most certainly I am no writer so, I apologize in advance for my poor grammar and horrible punctuation. Telling a joke and hearing nothing but crickets is something I hear often which is why blogging is so enjoyable. I can literally express anything my little heart desires and someone in the world will find it relatable. My blog recently had posts from twenty sixteen on it and while re-reading some of them I realized I didn’t like any of them. They were super sincere and totally me, but God damn did I sound pathetic. Blog 2.0 is the name of this post because lets face it, we all need revamping sometimes and in this case that’s what this blog needed.

Things will be different this time. I will be discussing some personal things, sharing my opinions about pop culture moments, giving you a slice of daily aesthetics and posting more than once every six months. If there is a certain topic you would like for me to touch on please do not hesitate to comment and share, I am an open canvas.

Welcome to Kevin Lately ♥